Medella Mushrooms is a family-owned, small-scale mushroom company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Rhett Meyers founded the company with a strong passion for health and wellness and a commitment to producing high-quality, organic mushrooms in small batches. By carefully monitoring and controlling the growth of each batch, we ensure that every mushroom is of the highest quality. We take great pride in our craft and are constantly improving and innovating our growing techniques. All of our mushrooms are either homegrown or hand foraged to ensure the best quality and taste.

At Medella Mushrooms, we strive to promote the remarkable potential and healing benefits of mushrooms. Our goal is to help you easily incorporate mushrooms into your daily routine for culinary, medicinal, functional, or entheogenic purposes. With a wide variety of mushrooms available, we aim to aid in promoting healing and wellness for your mind, body, and soul. We provide knowledge and resources to empower you in making informed decisions about incorporating mushrooms into your lifestyle and experiencing their many benefits firsthand.