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Medella means “healing” in Latin

Medella is a word that originates from Latin and carries with it the profound meaning of healing. This word invokes a sense of comfort, hope, and renewal, as it is synonymous with the restoration of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Whether it is in the context of modern medicine or ancient healing practices, Medella represents the power of healing, the ability to overcome adversity, and the transformative potential of embracing wellness.

Overall, Medella serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves, each other and the planet we habituate.

  • Learning

    Our goal is help educate the public about the many health and culinary benefits of mushrooms. We are a resource for all those looking to learn, try, explore, and leverage the benefits of mushrooms.

  • Foraging

    Foraged from local areas in the beautiful Pacific North West. Mushrooms are foraged ethically, with a heavy respect for the envrionment they grow in. Products are picked, cleaned, stored, and shared.

  • Cultivating

    Growing mushrooms doesn't need to be complicated. We can help customers with questions, advice, or project inquiries. From inoculation to harvest we can assist you every step of the mycelial journey

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About Medella

Medella Mushrooms is a small, family-owned mushroom company located in Vancouver, B.C....